Thursday, April 28, 2011

Festival Fever

I'm heading to Creamfields this weekend and thought what better way to get me in the
mood than to share some music festival fashion ideas from 'Who, What, Wear' with you.




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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kate? Is that you?


Image source:

I couldn't believe my eyes when I came across these photos
 in the April issue of Vogue UK.
I barely recognised Kate Winslet behind her new look.
She's looking amazing with her uber blonde hair and bold brows!



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I'm completely obsessed with British TV series, Secret diary of a call girl.
If you haven't seen it, you have to check it out!

Pop singer, Billie Piper is the leading lady who plays the character of Belle.
Belle's apartment in Season 4 is amazing and the fashion is to die for.

Best way to describe this series...a British spin off of Sex & The City.
Whats not to love about that?
Once you watch it I promise you'll be hooked!!!

Elin Kling's Pad


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I'm currently on the hunt for an apartment with a few of my girlfriends. 
I couldn't help but be inspired by model, Elin Kling's 
simple, chic Stockholm pad. 

However, that's not all I have to envy, 
Elin's got the looks, is known for her career in modelling, 
successful blog and her design collaborations with H&M.

Jealous much?

Sunday, March 27, 2011



Image source: Lenni Vintage

Closet Writer has been scouring the virtual racks of a number of online stores of late and happened to come across this little gem…Lenni Vintage!

We were very lucky to grab an exclusive interview with Lenni to chat about her wardrobe must haves, the inspiration behind Lenni Vintage and what the future holds for this online store.

Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself Lenni?

I’m from a tiny little coastal village, I grew up with a bunch of kids my age, playing in bushes and surfing all day. It was the sweetest life!

My interest in fashion probably stemmed from my creative background. Both sides of the family are Danish, and some were famous painters and musicians.

I haven’t studied fashion; I think you can waste a lot of time studying. If you’re passionate about it, you are going to go places. 

Tell us about Lenni Vintage?

Lenni Vintage is a reflection of my style. I would never sell something I wouldn't wear myself. It is about the shy girl who expresses herself through her style and is a little bit alternative

How did Lenni Vintage start?

Lenni Vintage kind of started when I needed money to travel Europe. I had always gotten comments on the clothes I made, so I thought I could give it a go. I had sales in my garage and sold dresses to all my friends. It is nice when all your girlfriends own your clothes and still wear them years later.

What was the inspiration behind Lenni Vintage?

Lenni Vintage is about recycling clothes. There is a huge problem with mass produced clothes these days, it is really effecting the environment in a bad way. I am happy that I have encouraged people to choose vintage and re-worked clothes.

Where do you source Lenni Vintage pieces from?

Pieces for the store are sourced from all over the world, especially the USA & the UK. And all over OZ.

Who is Lenni Vintage aimed at?

Lenni Vintage is for girls who like to express themselves through their clothing.

How can Lenni Vintage fans purchase your pieces?

You can purchase through the Facebook fan page, all you need to do is choose the item/s you would like and email me at

What does the future hold for Lenni Vintage?

Right now I am working on designing an A/W range for next year. I am really excited at the possibility of having my own label & have so many great ideas I am so keen to get out there.

Who is your style icon?

I have so many! I love Abbey Lee, Chloe Sevigny, Kym Ellery, Freja Beha-Erichson...anyone who seems like they may have a dark side.

What is your wardrobe must have at the moment?

I cannot get enough crochet, lace maxi skirts & of course distressed denim with vintage tee's. 


Three of the seven finalists selected are from the Gold Coast 
(L-R) Rebecca Ronald, Elise Whittaker and Morgan Johnson
Photographer: Jay Nel-McIntosh
Image Source:

Closet Writer was lucky enough to be asked back to assist backstage at 
the 2nd round of Miss Universe Australia Preliminary Finals.

All the girls were the perfect package - beautiful, smart, friendly, confident and ambitious
making the judges decision a tough one.

Seven girls from the fifteen (three featured above) who competed were
 selected to go through to the state finals.

Good luck girls!!!