Friday, February 4, 2011

The fashion savvy Miss Charley Greenfield and Miss Edwina Tait have joined creative forces to establish the highly anticipated label – ‘Two Halves’ which will debut this weekend at Laneway Festival in Brisbane at the 4000 markets.

Stylist and Fashion Event Management guru, Charley Dorothy Greenfield is well known in Brisbane and throughout Australia for her successful Fashion Events business – ‘Turpentine Night’.  As Charley’s success grew along with her workload it was then she decided to take on an intern, Edwina Tait, to assist her in the business and train to become a successful Fashion Event Manager and Stylist like herself.

The two have now been working tirelessly together for the past five months, delivering Brisbane with some of the best fashion events and styling some of the most unique photo shoots to hit Brisvegas lenses. With such success, why not try their luck at launching their own clothing label. Edwina who was recently learning the ins and outs of Fashion Styling and Event Management from Charley has now turned the tables to teach Charley a thing or two about Fashion Design and the construction of garments.

So what can be expected from the 20 piece ‘Two Halves’ line that will be showcased this weekend?

The collection was inspired by Native American Indian culture and traditional dress. A lot of the fabrics chosen were influenced by traditional Navjo design. The necklaces and embellishments featured on most on a number of the tops in the first collection are true to the style of traditional North American Indian dress.

The first line for ‘Two Halves’ is a summer line aimed at girls who like to dress on trend and are aware of forecasted fashion. The collection features cropped singlet tops and t-shirts, bodices, shorts, accessories and bags. Keeping with the theme of the Native American Indian dress, you can expect a lot of zig zag – geometric print, fringing, beads and tassles. Charley and Edwina have used bright colours– turquoise, green, purple, pink, red, yellow and earthy tones, which represent traditional Navajo colours.

‘Two Halves’ is a truly unique label designed by two fashion forward thinkers who offer on trend, one off pieces.  A label you will be seeing a lot more of in the Brisbane Fashion scene as the talent of these emerging designers is recognised.

So, get down to the 4000 markets this weekend to see what all the hype is about!

Image Source: Malt Verdelet, Photographer

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