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Model: Jennie Stephenson, Photography: Summerlily, Styling: Jasmine Arons

Closet Writer was lucky enough to sit down with talented emerging Brisbane stylist, Jasmine, to discuss what inspires her, who her style icon is and where she sees herself in the future.

CW: Tell us a bit about yourself Jasmine...

I’m interested in fashion- vintage and modern, music, photography, love, writing and all the other wonderful things the world has to offer!  I am close to completing my certificate in Styling and I am hoping with my hard work, ideas and determination I will be able keep doing what I love and build a name for myself as a stylist in the fashion industry.

CW: When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Haha, when I was really little I wanted to own a lolly shop so that I could have a lifetime’s supply of Milko’s and Redskins!
Growing up, I used to draw and design dresses I’d like to wear and clothes that I thought were cool. I was always really obsessed with clothes from a young age, so I think my first calling in life was to actually be a designer! Looking back, I was always interested in writing and drawing, so I guess a creative life was on the cards from day one, just waiting for me to discover it in myself.

CW: Have u always wanted to be a stylist?

I didn’t always want to be a stylist, mainly because I guess I didn’t even know it existed when I was young… I always had an interest in design though and I think my first Harpers Bazaar magazine that came with a free tote bag when I was about 13 kicked off a life long obsession with editorials; I used to rip them out of magazines and make collages on my bedroom walls.

CW: What inspired you to be a stylist?

My love for fashion.

CW: Is there a particular stylist that inspires you?

There are so many amazing stylists out there, some discovered and some undiscovered that I couldn’t possibly pick one. I’m more inspired by the undiscovered stylists in all of us, the people walking to the beat of their own drum and making their own music with clothes. Style is brought to us so instantly these days with all the bloggers and the street style photographers like Scott Schumann (The Sartorialist) and Garance Dore and Vanessa Jackman- the list goes on. The internet has allowed us to check out millions of people’s style at the click of a button- so we don’t have to idolise the most famous person, we can just check people out and find things we admire and relate to in the way other people express themselves with clothing. Street style is also a lot more accessible for people to emulate, because let’s face it, not many of us can afford the amazing designer pieces the celebs get to wear.

CW: What do you enjoy most about styling?

I love the whole process, but the creative side is what really turns me on.
I love when I’ve worked on a concept for a shoot, dreamt up the idea, the clothes, the setting, the vibe I want the image to project, the person I want to create…and when that all comes together and works, it’s like no other satisfaction. I love it.

CW: What was the inspiration behind your recent shoots?

For shoots, I kind of just do whatever is inspiring me at that time. Lately I’ve been going crazy for all things western and I had found an amazing vintage off-white, fringed leather jacket in a vintage shop and it brought me to my knees. I just really wanted to put this jacket in a western kind of shoot and let it work it’s magic! And it did.

CW: Can u offer advice to others pursuing a career in styling?

Do it because you love it. Don’t do it because it’s the “cool” thing to do or because you think it’s going to make you lots of cash. Its hard work and you need to be dedicated and passionate to put up with the long road ahead. Most stylists have to work a lot for free when they are starting out, and it’s not all glitz and glam!  
I read a quote recently by Brian Whitford that really rang true to me; “fall in love with the process and the results will follow. You’ve got to want to act more than you want to be an actor. You’ve got to want to do whatever you want to do more than you want to be whatever you want to be, want to write more than you want to be a writer, want to heal more than you want to be a doctor, want to teach more than you want to be a teacher, want to serve more than you want to be a politician. Life is too challenging for external rewards to sustain us. The joy is in the journey.” I think that’s definitely true with people wanting to become something, instead of wanting to DO something that they are truly passionate about. Follow your heart.

CW: Who is your style icon?

Anita Pallenberg, Talitha Getty and Jimi Hendrix.

CW: Who is your favourite dressed celeb at the moment?

Always Kate Moss. Although I do admire Erin Wasson and her laid back Texan cool. These two women just do their own thing in terms of fashion and I really respect that.

CW: Your favourite store or clothing label?

I don’t really have a favourite store as I prefer to find vintage in op-shops and markets. That’s where the real treasures are.

CW: What is your must have item at the moment?

Wide brim fedoras are achingly cool and I’m also obsessed with Native American Navajo style jewellery, anything a little bit western.

CW: Where do you see yourself in the future?

Living in New York, collaborating with amazing people, and being happy following my dreams.

Model: Steph Scott,  Photographer: Red Eclipse, Styling: Jasmine Arons

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